Title IX Essentials

For International Students

We’ve heard from campuses nationwide about a missing educational component in interpersonal violence prevention—a program to help international students better understand Title IX issues and how they relate to US culture. To address this need, we worked closely with our clients Michigan State, University of Connecticut, Wichita State and two California State Universities, to create Title IX Essentials For International Students—a program intended as an introduction for, or supplement to other prevention education provided by your school.


Increased understanding.

Title IX Essentials for International Students helps international students:

  • Understand consent
  • Understand sexual assault/interpersonal violence terms and policies
  • Understand the difference between laws and policies and how US interpersonal violence laws may differ from laws in their home country
  • Understand the importance of consulting and knowing local (campus/state) policies on interpersonal violence and the potential consequences of a policy violation
  • Understand and be aware of the numerous campus/local/national resources available to them on these issues
  • Navigate interpersonal relationships in the US

Comprehensive content.

Title IX Essentials for International Students covers a wide range of relevant topics, including

  • Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Relationship Violence and Stalking, and where students can turn for help should any of these occur
  • Consent, and its key role in relationships in the US
  • LGBTQ-related terms and issues
  • American culture, and how Americans’ perceptions of freedoms and rights inform thinking around dating, consent, sex and interpersonal violence

Client-sourced insights.

Working closely with our clients during development of Title IX Essentials for International Students helped us better understand why international students may be at greater risk for becoming a victim or a perpetrator—as well as the unique challenges schools face when educating international students on these issues, including:

  • Cultural barriers like ignorance of cultural norms and rules
  • Obstacles to comprehension presented by language and terminology
  • The limited support networks foreign student have in the US
  • Pressure from self and/or family to achieve academically
  • Reluctance to report incidents for fear of consequences

Unmatched benefits.

As with all Student Success programs, Title IX Essentials for International Students:

  • Features a variety of peer presenters
  • Uses real-life testimonials from peers to give additional reality and emphasis to the issues
  • Presents your campus resources, policies and definitions
  • Features subtitles in English, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, Arabic, and Vietnamese
  • Allows viewers to watch and re-watch the program in private
  • Tracks participation at the student level
  • Features optional, customizable post-testing to gauge learning outcomes
  • Features Audio Description and is 508-compliant
  • Can provide student access to the program through Single-Sign-On (SSO) via your school’s intranet