Campus Violence Prevention for Undergraduate Students

Not Anymore for Undergraduate Students is a reality-based suite of 19 modules designed to reduce interpersonal violence on your campus, while helping you meet Title IX education mandates. Student testimonials throughout the program foster viewer empathy to help prevent interpersonal violence.


Our content, your way.

You pick the number and order of modules you want in your campus’s version of Not Anymore. We can then eliminate, alter or add to the pre-and post-tests, add your campus policies, definitions and procedures, and require students to acknowledge having read them. We’ll then also customize the program’s resources page with your information, add your logo and campus branding, and even add a customized video introduction. No other online program offers the flexibility of Not Anymore.

Healthy or unhealthy?

Not Anymore features extensive explorations of healthy versus unhealthy relationships. Viewers learn what to expect of and in a healthy relationship, and what kinds of behaviors and feelings indicate a relationship is unhealthy.

Real-time feedback.

At key points of Not Anymore, viewers are reminded of their pre-test answers, either confirming their knowledge or confronting their misconceptions. Their peers’ answers are also presented to leverage social norming. These interactive elements help defeat rape myths and improve learning outcomes.

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Program Overview

Student Reactions

“Students seemed very passionate about the issues and the real life stories make it much more emotional and real to watch.”

“It helped me realize that all this is so real and could actually happen to anyone.”

“The information was presented in an engaging, realistic, heartfelt, factual way. I was interested the whole time and did not feel lectured to. Excellent!”