Interpersonal Violence Prevention Refresher for Returning Students

Student Success currently offers six different reality-driven refresher course options to help your campus meet VAWA requirements for ongoing education—Rethinking Relationships, Clarifying Consent, an Every Choice Bystander Intervention program and three Not Anymore programs. Student testimonials throughout these programs foster viewer empathy to help prevent interpersonal violence.

Rethinking Relationships Refresher Program

Rethinking Relationships features extensive, viewer-directed interactivity, and is designed to help viewers rethink and improve relationships with romantic partners, family, friends and colleagues. Rethinking Relationships features extensive testimonials from numerous survivors of relationship violence who share their experiences of being in—and getting out of—unhealthy relationships.

returningstudents-consentClarifying Consent Refresher Program

This 25-minute online program explores in-depth the concept of consent and its key role in a healthy relationship. The course explores what consent is and why it’s so important; how consent is asked for/given/withheld/withdrawn; how consent is handled in healthy vs unhealthy relationships, and much more. Testimonials about consent from real students convey the key importance of the topic.

returningstudent-everychoiceEvery Choice Bystander Intervention Refresher Program

This 25-minute course focuses heavily on bystander intervention, including how to recognize potentially dangerous situations and how to formulate a plan to safely intervene. Real-life scenarios and compelling testimonials highlight the life-changing power of intervening as a bystander. Learn More About Every Choice.

Not Anymore Refresher Programs 1, 2 and 3

These Not Anymore Interpersonal Violence Prevention programs refresh student understanding on key topics, using the peer presenters, survivor and bystander testimonials, video-based scenarios, motion graphics, infographics, animations and more.


Refresher No. 1

25 minutes long, and focuses on consent, “yes means yes,” and bystander intervention.

program 2

Refresher No. 2

23 minutes long, and focuses on verbal defense, healthy and unhealthy relationships, and dating/domestic violence.

program 3

Refresher No. 3

20 minutes long and focuses on sexual harassment and stalking.

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Program Overview

Student Reactions

“It was completely eye opening. I never realized how common sexual assault was within the general population, let alone college campuses. I feel for all the brave victims that shared their stories in this video.”

“The testimonials were as amazing as they were heartbreaking.”

“I enjoyed the modern, real twist of the video. Usually these kinds of videos are old-fashioned and boring, but I truly enjoyed watching something more human, modern and better made. It is easier to relate and listen to it. Thanks.”

“Survivor testimonials were very powerful. Definitions and statistics very clear, helpful and interesting. Program succeeded at not being cheesy, detached from the reality of student experience, or preachy.”