video-btn-notanymoreCollege Campus Safety with Not Anymore

Not Anymore is a suite of interactive online sexual assault prevention programs that features numerous true student testimonials to foster genuine empathy in viewers. Designed to prevent sexual assault, dating and domestic violence and stalking, Not Anymore helps your institution meet Title IX education mandates.


Campus Safety Programs For Every Audience

The Not Anymore suite includes programs for Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, Community College Students, International Students, Returning Students, Employees, Sororities, and Non-Traditional Students. There are also separate programs on Alcohol Awareness, Alcohol Sanctions, and Opioid Awareness.

Customizable Content

Not Anymore gives you complete flexibility to create the program that best fits the needs of your campus. Its modular design offers unprecedented control over both the length and the content of the program. You can select primary modules that focus on content basics as well as secondary modules that reinforce those concepts and provide additional examples. You can also customize pre- and post-testing by adding your own questions.

Interactive Multimedia

Throughout the program, Not Anymore uses a diverse group of student presenters to build real peer-to-peer dialogue. Survivor and bystander testimonials connect emotionally with viewers and personalize the issues discussed. Reality-based scenarios bring ideas and concepts to life, while motion graphics, infographics and animations add visual reinforcement of ideas, as well as humor where appropriate.

Federal Mandates

Designed to meet VAWA and Title IX federal mandates, Not Anymore educates students on consent, sexual assault, stalking, domestic/dating violence, bystander intervention, sexual harassment, risk reduction and more. Mandated tracking of student completion is provided. The program presents your campus’s definitions and policies and requires that they are read and acknowledged.

Trigger Warnings

Not Anymore features trigger warnings that alert viewers to potentially troubling content—especially the powerful testimonials from real survivors. If the material proves too upsetting, the viewer can black out the video and silence the audio while that section plays. The program resumes once the potentially triggering material ends.


Not Anymore programs are subtitled in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Arabic and Vietnamese, and can provide student access through Single-Sign-On (SSO) via your school’s intranet. All programs are 508-compliant using WCAG 2.0 Accessibility Guidelines. Audio Description is provided for visually impaired students.

Student Reactions

“Students seemed very passionate about the issues and the real life stories make it much more emotional and real to watch.”

“It helped me realize that all this is so real and could actually happen to anyone.”

“The information was presented in an engaging, realistic, heartfelt, factual way. I was interested the whole time and did not feel lectured to. Excellent!”