Non-Traditional Students

Not Anymore for Non-Traditional Students is an optional version of the Not Anymore violence prevention program designed for students who are older than typical undergraduate age. Student testimonials throughout the program foster viewer empathy to help prevent interpersonal violence.


Older presenters.

Not Anymore for Non-Traditional Students features presenters of various ages and life-experiences, reflecting the natural variety of non-traditional students.

Older survivors.

Not Anymore for Non-Traditional Students includes true stories from older survivors of interpersonal violence, reflecting the truth that traumatic experiences can happen at any age.

Scenarios for older viewers.

Not Anymore for Non-Traditional Students includes real-life scenarios more appropriate for older viewers, such as sexual harassment in a work environment, again reflecting the truth that inappropriate behavior can happen in any setting.

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Program Overview

Student Reactions

“Outstanding video. I’m older than most college students and this program explains everything thoroughly.”

“This program helped me to realize that I was in an emotionally abusive relationship. The program clearly defines every aspect of being sexually assaulted, abused, harassed, and stalked in addition to how to get help.”

“Including real life testimonials of students from varying races, genders and sexual orientations was powerful and important.”

“The ability to black out the videos that could be a potential trigger is a wonderful feature. As a survivor of sexual assault, that made this program much easier for me to complete. Also, the information provided was excellent and provided in a manner that was clear and concise.”