Title IX For Campus Leaders

This 20-minute, video-based program provides critical supplemental education for students involved in Greek life, athletics and other campus organizations. Testimonials throughout the program from Greeks, athletes and club members shed light on crucial issues within these communities.


Avoiding the blame game.

Clients and students tell us that group-specific programs (such as one just for Greeks) are often seen by viewers as unfairly blaming their group for interpersonal violence. That’s why Title IX For Campus Leaders addresses ALL at-risk groups in one program — focusing on the similar circumstances and cultures within organizations that can lead to higher rates of interpersonal violence.

Comprehensive Content.

Title IX For Campus Leaders covers:

  • Social pressure and gender roles within organizations
  • Alcohol and its role in interpersonal violence
  • Reporting, both within organizations and on campus generally
  • Bystander Intervention & Support
  • Available Resources

Helping leaders lead.

Title IX For Campus Leaders will help your students maximize their influence as members of leading campus organizations, and learn how to lead the way in making your campus community healthier, safer, and more positive for everyone.

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