Alcohol & Other Drugs

Not Anymore for Alcohol & Other Drugs is a 30-minute, reality-driven suite of interactive, online videos and tests designed to educate students on the risks of the abuse of alcohol and other drugs, and to teach successful strategies for handling dangerous situations related to these substances. Student testimonials throughout the program foster viewer empathy on these issues to help reduce the abuse of alcohol and other drugs.


GPA, Brain, Peers, Life.

Not Anymore for Alcohol & Other Drugs features four modules: Your GPA, Your Brain, Your Peers and Your Life. Each section provides extensive, research-backed evidence of the detrimental effects alcohol and other drugs can have, and how social skills and interactions can help reduce harm associated with these substances.

Social norming.

Not Anymore for Alcohol & Other Drugs uses social norming throughout to overcome students’ mistaken beliefs about their peers’ use of these substances. For example, students leave the program fully informed that most students who drink do so responsibly.

Peer-based reality.

Not Anymore for Alcohol & Other Drugs uses peer presenters throughout, and includes survivor stories and testimonials from students of similar ages who bring credence to the program’s warnings.

Harm reduction.

Not Anymore for Alcohol & Other Drugs teaches students practical ways to reduce the risk of harm from these substances while maintaining an active social life.

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Program Overview

Student Reactions

“I enjoyed how real all the people in this video were. Seeing real stories from real people who really went through it made it more real for me. It was a lot more effective than just some adult preaching that alcohol is bad.”

“I liked how the program gives the students facts about the reality of how little students actually drink compared to the over estimation we have in our heads.”

“The program was not judgmental, which I think is really important. It only reported the facts, but not in a judgmental way.”

“Very Informative and emotionally persistent as it used its testimonials and stories to fully support the facts that drugs and alcohol, though is up to the individual, can be a huge problem when entering college.”