video-btn-everychoiceEvery Choice

Every Choice is a reality-based online program aimed at reducing campus sexual assault, dating and domestic violence and stalking by equipping students with realistic, actionable techniques. Focused on bystander intervention and created in partnership with Green Dot, etc, Every Choice also helps your campus meet Title IX education requirements. Every Choice features numerous student testimonials that foster viewer empathy to help prevent interpersonal violence.



The power of bystander intervention.

Every Choice is based on compelling research that shows the most effective way to reduce violence is to encourage and empower bystanders to intervene in potentially violent situations before violence occurs.

The power of ownership.

The overall goal of Every Choice is for participants to leave the program feeling a profound sense of ownership of the issues of sexual assault, dating/domestic violence and stalking. They feel personally committed to and capable of intervening to prevent violence when necessary.

The power of options.

Every Choice equips students with bystander intervention tools and techniques that offer concrete, realistic, and actionable responses. They leave the program better prepared to act in situations where a bystander could interrupt a potentially violent situation. Students learn bystander tactics appropriate for a variety of circumstances, from intervening directly to creating distractions, entrusting action to others, or informing others in charge.

The power of multiple techniques.

Every Choice uses a wide variety of training techniques to prepare students to become active bystanders in potentially dangerous situations, including: Social Norming, Scenario Based Skill-Building, Interactive Learning, Mental Practice, Humorous/entertaining content where appropriate, Inspirational messages to tap into students’ natural idealism, Motivational Interviewing, Story-Telling/Personal Narratives and Commitment Seeking.

Student Reactions

“It was very well done and realistic. It gave good suggestions and had genuine stories instead of tired cliché ones. It all seemed very genuine and I think it is 50 times more effective than a mandatory boring seminar.”

“This program gave me some really good ideas on how to intervene in potentially dangerous situations. I’m kind of shy, but now I know that I can help without feeling too uncomfortable.”

“It was very thorough and made me consider this subject in ways I haven’t before. It also addressed stalking, which isn’t really something I’ve ever considered seriously. Nice job with the diversity of people too.”

“This program was REAL. It was so real. I loved it. No complaints. Thank you. Best thing I’ve ever been required to sit through and complete for college yet. So good.”


The Every Choice program features Audio Description and is 508-compliant. We can also provide student access to the program through Single-Sign-On (SSO) via your school’s intranet.