Student Success Commitment Statement

Student Success considers the access and usability for the Participants of our programs to be of paramount importance. Our Clients are generally schools, universities, and organizations, and the Participants at those Organizations have varying levels of disabilities and impairments. Our commitment is to ensure that all Participants are able to access and use all aspects of the Student Success program. To that end, we employ the following best practices:

  • Design all aspect of Student Success with accessibility in mind
  • Employ current standards-based technology to maximize compatibility for all users
  • Actively monitor usage, including (where possible) browsers and assistive technologies in use by users
  • Engage recognized third party testing companies to thoroughly evaluate all aspects of the program
  • Create simple procedures for Clients and Participants to report problems or concerns
  • Remain up to date on the most current accessibility requirements and techniques

Student Success Compliance Status

Student Success is dedicated to meeting or exceeding industry accessibility standards. The program complies with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the World Wide Web Consortium Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (“WCAG”) 2.0, level AA. Student Success has been evaluated by the third-party consulting firm Tech for All ( Additionally, many of Student Success’ Clients have independently evaluated the program for accessibility, and continue to do so periodically. In order to minimize the potential for issues that may arise with assistive technologies (screen readers, etc.) the program avoids using problematic technologies like Adobe Flash, instead utilizing standards-compliant HTML, CSS and JavaScript. If an issue with accessibility is discovered, Student Success employs a rapid release development cycle, allowing the issue to be addressed and resolved quickly.

As of the time of the most recent update to this Accessibility Statement, there are no known accessibility gaps or required workarounds in the program. Since the Student Success program is continually monitored for new accessibility issues, this document will be updated as issues and/or accessibility gaps arise.

Student Success Accessibility Features

Student Success incorporates many features that are designed to address the needs of Participants with disabilities. There is no need for a separate “light” or “basic” version of the program to use these features- all users are able to use the same full version of the program. For example:

  • The entire program can be operated using just the keyboard (no mouse required)
  • All content is designed and presented in a way that allows for zooming to increase the size of the text and images.
  • All videos include closed captions that can be toggled on or off
  • For Participants with visual disabilities, a separate audio track is available that combines the normal audio track with additional verbal description of the on-screen video action
  • All pages of the program are designed to ensure no problems occur when using screen readers.

Student Success Feedback Mechanism

Student Success provides multiple channels for Clients and Participants to contact us with accessibility questions and concerns. Clients can contact their Student Success representative directly during normal business hours. Participants are provided a web form from within the program that can be used to request support from Student Success staff. This form is specially designed to assess technical information about the Client’s computing environment to assist in determining the cause of and resolving any technical issues.