About Us

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Vector Solutions Education Business Unit serves the higher education market through its Not Anymore, Every Choice, and SafeColleges brands. Currently serving over 700 colleges and universities, our compliance and safety solutions help administrators address critical issues affecting campuses across the United States, such as sexual assault, alcohol and drug abuse, diversity/inclusion, and mental health.
With the objective of creating safer and more inclusive campuses worldwide, Vector Solutions Education helps administrators address these challenging issues through our comprehensive training management system and engaging, evidence-based courses. Our platform allows administrators to customize training to better fit an institution’s campus culture and values, so that significant change can happen with students, faculty, and staff.
We’re always looking for new opportunities to better serve our customers and have consulted with clients as new content is being developed – one example is our partnership with the U.S. Army to deliver a customized online course to train its soldiers and ROTC cadets about sexual assault and harassment.
We look forward to helping you with your campus training needs as well.

We BelieveStudent Group For Web

We believe students need to better understand interpersonal violence issues.
We believe students should be motivated to make a difference in the lives of others.
We believe peer testimonials have the power to foster empathy in viewers to help prevent interpersonal violence.
We believe students need to understand what makes a relationship healthy or unhealthy.
We believe when students care enough, they’ll safely intervene in potentially dangerous situations.
We believe when students know enough, they’ll respond positively to survivors, and won’t blame victims.
We believe online training must engage students’ hearts as well as their minds.
We believe students will come to understand these aren’t just women’s issues, and that they affect us all.

“Students seemed very passionate about the issues and the real life stories make it much more emotional and real to watch.”