Real student stories.
Real viewer empathy.
Real change on your campus.

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A suite of interactive online programs, featuring numerous student testimonials that foster viewer empathy to help prevent interpersonal violence.


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Every Choice is an interpersonal violence prevention program with a focus on bystander intervention – created in collaboration with Green Dot, etc.

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video-btn-notanymoreTitle IX Essentials for International Students addresses crucial, real-world topics and features numerous real-life testimonials from current international students.

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The difference is real.

Student Success programs immerse viewers in the real lives of students. To help build viewer empathy to reduce interpersonal violence, our programs feature true testimonials from real survivors of interpersonal violence, as well as real stories from real bystanders who intervened in dangerous situations. They also hear from real peers who share their real experiences with healthy and unhealthy relationships.


Student Success programs are informed by contemporary research and driven by cutting-edge education theories. Viewers benefit from content based on social norming theory and motivational interviewing techniques.


Student Success programs make potentially dry material relatable for viewers, building empathy for survivors of interpersonal violence, while emphasizing the risks viewers themselves can face.


Student Success programs feature peer presenters, peer testimonials and peer-based scenarios. Viewers connect to the material without feeling preached at or talked down to.

All Student Success programs help your campus meet VAWA and Title IX education requirements.

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